Paper Mario-Like Bug Fables Nears Funding Goals, Debuts Gameplay Footage

Of almost any game in Nintendo’s lineup, arguably the most artistically different is  that the  Paper Mario series. Built from the ground up with paper craft and kitschiness in your mind, everything in the game feels like it was made in a arts and crafts project. Bearing this in mind, it’s impressive how far Indiegogo-backed game Bug Fables can nail that style. And since the game nears its financing target, we now get a more intense glimpse into gameplay and the crafting mechanisms.

It’s (thus far) lightly-publicized Indiegogo project by Panamanian indie developer Moonsprout Games. Having a light bottom line of $20,000, Bug Fables has already cleared almost 70 percent of its funding objective. The game is a Adventure Turn-based RPG subsequent three bugs (Bee, Beetle, and Moth) within their quest for immortality at Bugaria.

Even though it can seem like Paper Mario, it does possess the spare touch of modern gaming — including actions commands and a crafting-like cooking system. That system is the subject of the most recent upgrade, which reveals a movie crafting bombs and then using them later in battle:

As you can see, from graphic style to gameplay to sound design, this game seems emulated right from the world of Paper Mario.

Bug Fables — supposing it matches its fundraising goals — will start only for PC in June 2019.

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